Background Story

A customer approached us about possibly semi-rebuilding an 1880’s A.M. McPhail upright they had found. The instrument was being given away by a local group which did not have any use for the instrument.

Though the piano was in very rough shape, an inspection revealed its overall construction (i.e. the pin block, major action wood, frame, bridges, etc.) was in relatively good condition.

We had a discussion of monetary value compared to instrument value. This included making the customer aware that the expenses of rebuilding this piano would very unlikely to ever be regained on a sales market.

The customer clearly and intelligent expressed their desires for this piano. They wanted this instrument for their personal musical enjoyment – which included the fact that its age was an asset.

At this point the piano was moved into our shop to begin the process of rebuilding.


As an ending note, this piano will also be refinished.

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