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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.
Important Notice for 2021

State of Maine Locations Currently Closed For Business

Due to the economical conditions and other considerations, we at Parks & Sons Piano Service have decided it would be best to take a year long hiatus. During this time Parks & Sons Piano Service will be closed for business as we explore options for becoming more profitable.

The website will remain open and fully functional, but we will not be booking appointments for piano servicing during this time.

We would like all our customers to know how much we appreciate that they have allowed us to service their pianos.

We will update this notice as we progresses through this hiatus.

To be clear - at this time, we have not decided to permanently close the service.

Thank you very, very much -
            Parks & Sons

Prices & Discounts

Parks & Sons Piano Service provides complete piano servicing in Maine, at very reasonable rates.

Please Note

Parks & Sons Piano Service no longer charges a separate travel fee to areas within our service area. Please see the map at the bottom of this page as a general reference.

Payment Plans - 0% Interest  

Parks & Sons can offer no-interest payments plans for services that require a larger investment. Please see the bottom of this page for more details, or Contacting Us.

Below is a list of fees and discounts for the more common services provided by Parks & Sons Piano Service. If you are in need of a service not listed please feel free to email or phone for a quote.

For more information about a particular service, simply click the service's heading. You may also contact us directly through our Contact Us page, which also provides our phone number.

Prices(as of 10/2018 - - all amount in US funds)
  • Fine Tuning
    • $ 95.00
    • Please see our discount area below for discounts for multiple tunings per year.

  • Pitch Raises / Pitch Stabilization
    • $ 47.50

  • Repair
    • An inspection may be required but please request a general quote by our Contacting Us page.

  • Regulation
    • An inspection would be required for an exact quote. You may also request a general quote through our Contacting Us page.

  • Reconditioning
    • An inspection would be required for an exact quote. You may also request a general quote through our Contacting Us page.

  • Rebuilding
    • An inspection would be required for an exact quote. You may also request a general quote through our Contacting Us page.

  • Finish Touch-Up , Refinishing, Cabinet Repair
    • An inspection would be required for an exact quote.
      When seeking a quote by email, we encourage you to provide digital photos. This can help use provide a more accurate quote.
      To request a general quote use our Contacting Us page. Once you have contacted us we can provide information on how to send us any digital photos.

  • Piano Moving
    • Piano moving fees are unique to each move. Please see our Piano Moving Service page. You may request a quote through our Contacting Us page.

  • Appraisals
    • $ 50.00 for individual vertical piano appraisals ($ 75.00 for grands).
      Parks & Sons offers a discounted fee for multiple appraisals. If you require a number of pianos to be appraised then please request a quote through our Contacting Us page.

  • Estimates
    • $ 50.00 for individual vertical pianos ($ 75.00 for grands).
      Half this fee is credited towards any estimated work performed by Parks & Sons within 90 days after an estimate.
      Parks & Sons offers a discounted fee for multiple estimates. If you require estimates for a number of pianos then please request a quote through our Contacting Us page.

  • Other Services
    • If you are seeking a piano service not listed above, please feel free to reach us through our Contacting Us page.

Discounts(see details below)
  • Multi-Tunings Discount - $ 5.00
    • Customers which receive more than one tuning per year (for the same instrument) are eligible for this discount. The first tuning received each year will be billed at the full tuning price while every tuning after will receive this discount.
      This discount does not apply to requests for unscheduled tunings (i.e. tunings that need immediate attention without previous scheduling).
      This discount applys only to private customers. The allowance of this discount for institutional tunings will be allowed only at the sole discretion of Parks & Sons on a situation-by-situation determination.

  • Referral Discount - $ 5.00
    • When a referred family, friend, or business receives services from Parks & Sons we will credit your account $5.00 per referral. This credit is applied to the costs of your next service visit.

  • Group Discount - $ 5.00
    • When family or friends join to schedule tunings on the same day (within 30 miles of each other), each tuning will receive the discount.

  • Introductory Discount - $ 5.00
    • This discount is applied to the initial visit to a school, academy, church, or other organization.

  • Multiple Instrument Discount - $ 5.00
    • When a customer has more than one piano tuned on the same day, they will receive this discount per piano tuned.

Prices & Fees:

All prices and fees shown above are subject to change without notice.
Prices and fees displayed on our web site are made in a good faith effort to reflect current amounts, but at times may not - in such cases actual current prices and fees will apply.
Prices and fees displayed are for standard scheduled visits. If service requests are made that require expedited scheduling or unusual travel distances - extra fees may apply. Please contact Parks & Sons for more information.

Payment Plans:

To help make more expensive services cost effective for our customers, Parks & Sons may offer no-interest payment plans. Generally such plans will be noted on estimates for service work. Parks & Sons Piano Service does reserve the right to offer or deny these payment plans to customers for any reason.

Discount Combination:

Discounts may not be combined unless previously agreed to by Parks & Sons Piano Service.

Discount and Credits:

All discounts and credits have no monetary value other than when applied to actual service charges. Parks & Sons Piano Service reserves the sole right to apply discounts or credits in any other method. Customers who are deemed by Parks & Sons Piano Service to be "dormant" may have any credits or discounts recorded in their accounts zeroed out. Parks & Sons Piano Service reserves the sole right to determine such a customer status, but in general a customer who does not receive routine service for 2 or more consecutive years becomes "dormant".

All Services:

Parks & Sons Piano Service reserves the sole right to provide or deny any services for any reason. Parks & Sons Piano Service will not be required to provide any explanations or reasons for denial of service.

General Example of Parks & Sons Piano Service's Service Area.
Area shown is a general example of our usual tuning areas and is not meant to be an exact service map. Parks & Sons tuner/technicians do travel outside this area for more extensive services so please Contact Us for locations or inquiries.
A map showing an example of Parks and Sons' service area.
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