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Sold Samick Serial Number: SG140A Type: Baby Grand Year Made: ca. 1990 Piano Includes:
  • Original matching bench,
  • Delivery to a ground floor location within 60 miles of Weston, ME.,
  • Free in-home tuning upon delivery
About the Piano:

We present for your consideration a Samick baby grand piano finished in ivory white, with its original matching bench.

Measuring 56 1/2" long, this could be a good choice for an individual or family with limited space, but wishing to upgrade from a vertical instrument to a grand.

The instrument came into our shop after some years of institutional use. The piano's cabinet had some dings and spots which we have performed touch-up to (see the work list and photos below for more information).

With its NEW hard-maple bass bridge, this instrument now has a nice bright tone, and a surprising volume for its size. The notes at the extreme ends all sound really nice now, with good volume. .

The benefits of owning a grand, as opposed to an upright, is that the grand piano provides much more control in play, and faster repetition- all of which allows for the pianist, or student, to realize their full talent.

This piano has been fully regulated and tuned, and should provide years of hassle-free use.

Work Schedule: The following work has been completed:
  • New Bass Bridge (quarter-sawn hard Rock Maple),
  • Complete Cleaning (Case inside/out, Keys, Strings, Soundboard, and Action),
  • All Hammers Resurfaced,
  • Full Regulation of Action, Dampers, and Pedals,
  • Tuned to Standard Pitch (A-440),
  • Hammers Voiced (to create even tone across entire range),
  • Touch-up Work (to dings and small damaged spots - see photos),
  • All Brass Buffed and Polished,
  • All New Brass Casters, Ferrules
Photos of this Piano Samick baby grand in an ivory-white finish.
The size and price could be perfect for someone wishing to advance their skill levels but has a limited amount of open space for an instrument.
Comes with the original matching bench. The piano has been completely regulated, cleaned, and various repairs made. Keys are in excellent condition. A new bass bridge was made in our shop using quarter-sawn hard rock maple. The new bridge should last for generations. The entire piano has been cleaned, including strings. The decal has a little curling at the edges but this will have no effect on the piano. The tuning pin area. The treble bridge is in great condition. New ferrules and castors have been installed. All brass has been polished. Comes with the original Samick accessories (pedal and key covers). The cabinet had a few areas of damage. This is the largest of the areas and is on the long side of the instrument (the side usually positioned towards a wall since the lid is hinged on this side).
To give an idea of the size - the longer patched area is only about 5 inches long and less than 3/4 of an inch tall. So it was relatively small areas of damage.
The same side (the long side), the lower cheek corner was patched because of a chip. Another spot on the underside of the fold back lid - not quite the size of a thumb.
Various other tiny spots also were touched up, but these were so small and unnoticeable that photographing was unneeded.
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