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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.
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Price: $ 20,000.00
Ivers & Ponds Serial Number: 41532 Type: Baby Grand Year Made: January 26, 1907 Piano Includes:
  • Matching Bench,
  • Free Delivery to any ground floor location within 750 miles of Weston,
  • Free in-home tuning upon delivery,
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
About the Piano:
This Piano In History
  • Ivers & Pond completes this piano on January 26th
  • The United States Army organized an Aeronautical Division that was to later become the Army Air Force (later the Air Force). It began with one officer and two enlisted men.
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  • Gene Autry (the famous singing cowboy of American westerns films and TV) was born on September 29th. As a side note, Gene Autry was our dad's (Ronald Parks) favorite while growing up.
  • Glenn Curtiss opens the United States' first airplane company. He later sold his first plane for $5,000.
  • The Boy Scouts began in the United Kingdom (founded by Lord Baden-Powell). The Girl Scouts began the next year. The organizations spread to the United States by 1910.
  • Katherine Hepburn (famous American actress) was born on May 12th.
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  • Two teen-agers barrowed $100 to begin a messenger service in Seattle. In 1919 the business was renamed UPS (United Parcel Service).

In 1880 William Ivers (which already had been producing pianos under the Ivers name) partnered with Handel Pond and, by 1882, were producing pianos as Ivers & Pond Piano Company. The company was located in Boston Massachusetts (as so many other fine piano makers were at that time).

Ivers & Pond worked to produce instruments that were both solid in construction and of high tonal quality. Their catalogs contained large lists of institutions with many letters vouching for the quality of their work.

Sadly, by the mid-1920s both radio and "talking" movies had begun their march to overtake the piano as societies entertainment medium of choice. Just as with so many of the other quality American piano manufacturers, the gathering storm's final blow came with the Great Depression (late 1920s through early 1940s). Ivers & Pond was consolidated into the Aeolian-American Corporation which had also acquired the brands of many other American greats. The Aeolian corporation's manufacturing standards were not as high as the original Iverse & Pond and so resulted in pianos that were not comparable to the originals.

Thankfully there are still a number of the original well built, high quality Ivers & Ponds still to be found.

On January 26 of 1907, a 5' 2" Colonial Style baby grand piano was completed in the Ivers & Ponds Boston factory. It's serial number was affixed as number 41532 and a label with the exact manufacturing date was placed inside the piano.

We are happy to announce that Parks & Sons Piano has acquired this Ivers & Pond #41532, which is currently in our shop awaiting to begin the process of rebuilding and refinishing in preparation for sale.

While we may accept reasonable offers - currently we are estimating the final sale price to be at about $20,000.

Work Schedule:

This piano is scheduled to receive a complete rebuilding and refinishing. Below is a partial list of what will be included in the process.

Work Schedule:

The process will begin with a full refinishing of the instrument to restore its original appearance. This will include the reguilding of the plate.


The rebuilding of this piano will include:

  • Replacement of pinblock (if inspection reveals the pinblock to have absolutely no problems we will retain the original. Price will reflect this.)
  • New nickle tuning pins
  • New agraffes
  • New music wire imported from Germany, tolerance is held at 0.0003"
  • New custom-made duplicated bass strings with solid copper windings
  • New custom-made duplicated hammers from Germany
  • New dampers, also important from Germany
  • All action and back action felts, springs, leathers, silks, etc. replaced with new
  • All keybed felts, papers, pins, and spring replaced with new
  • All key bushings replaced with new
  • Bass bridge recapped
  • Lyre rebuilt
  • Complete regulation
  • Multiple in-shop tunings to increase initial stability
Photos of this Piano Below are photos of the piano before work began Ivers & Pond 5' 2" mahogany Princes grand from 1907 The piano currently has its original ivory keys. The ivory keys may need to be replaced with either faux ivory, bone, or plastic (depending on the location of the buyer and buyer's preference). This is due to interstate regulations on even old ivory. Depending on locations it may be possible to retain the originals. The tag reads that the piano was made on "Jan 26 1907". Hand written in Style appears to read "mahogany grand". Wessel, Nickle & Gross were considered one of the best action makers. These were used in "tier one" pianos. Almost every quality Boston piano maker used Wessel, Nickle & Gross.
- Notices

Free Delivery
Unless stated otherwise, free delivery of piano is to first floor locations within 120 miles of Weston, ME. A location with a total of 3 steps or less, from gound level to location the piano will be placed, is considered "first floor". Locations that do not conform to this guideline may require an additional charge. Parks & Sons Piano Service, at their own discretion, may wave such extra fees.

Warranties vary depending upon work completed for each instrument. If interested, please request a sample warranty.

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