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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.
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Interested parties may submit an offer by the "Make an Offer" button directly below, through our Contact Us page, by phone, or email.

Parks & Sons will consider any reasonable offer and provide a quick answer.

If the offer is accepted the buyer will be expected to place a security deposit of 20% of the accepted offer within 30 days. This will reserve the piano and also prioritize its completion. There may also be customizing options presented for the buyer's choice (depending on instrument).

Once the instrument is completed the buyer may inspect the piano in person, by a designated party, or request high resolution photos and audio of the piano.

The buyer will then decide to either complete the transaction and provide 50% of the remaining amount due (the other 50% will be due upon delivery), or cancel the purchase.

If the buyer cancels the purchase full 100% refund of any money payed (including security deposit) will be returned to the buyer within 14 days. The buyer bears no risk.

Sold Steinway & Sons Serial Number: 182156 Type: Medium Grand Year Made: 1917 About the Piano:
This Piano In History
  • Steinway & Sons Builds This Piano
  • January - The Zimmermann Telegraph is intercepted, in which Germany attempted to persuade Mexico to go to war with the United States.
  • March 15th - the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, abdicates the throne.
  • April 6th - the United States enters World War I.
  • May 29th - John F. Kennedy is born in Brookline Massachusetts.
  • November - Bolshevik revolutionaries imprison czar Nicholas II and his family (including his daughter Anastasia).
  • December - U.S. Congress approves the 18th Amendment ("Prohibition") which went into effect in 1920.
  • The Balfour Declaration is released; declaring Great Britain's support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
  • John Philip Sousa becomes bandmaster of the United States Navy.

This Steinway has been inspected by Parks & Sons Piano Service. The information below is based on our inspection (one originally carried out at the end of 2015, and another in March of this year - 2017).

Piano Information:

Steinway & Sons model "A" (6' 4 1/2" long by approximately 4' 6").
Built in 1917 at the New York factory. (Model "A" was discontinued in 1941)
Ebony finished.

In our opinion, this piano may appeal two types of buyers:
A Buyer With Immediate Plans to Rebuild

The piano is in very used condition and would be an excellent candidate for rebuilding and refinishing. If the buyer wishes, arrangements can be made to have the piano moved to the rebuilders of their choice (or they may make their own arrangements to have the piano picked up).

A Buyer Wishing To Own And Have Use Of A Steinway,
But Needs To Postpone Rebuilding Costs

The piano is currently in general working order. This means that all parts of the lower and upper action, along with the trapworks are functioning. The tuning pins have good holding power, and the strings still produce good tone. This instrument could very well, in our opinion, be a good entry point for one who wishes access to a very high quality instrument and would plan to later have the instrument rebuild (to maximize its full playing capabilities).

We suspect (from our inspection) that the instrument may have received a reconditioning in the 1970's or 1980's. A reconditioning is not a rebuilding. The general goal of a reconditioning is to replace warn felts, leathers, and springs; but not to replace parts (unless they are broken). We do not know if all parts are still Steinway originals. We can say that we did not notice any mis-matching parts (i.e. we did not notice any parts that appeared replaced).

The piano has had much wear. The shellac finish is missing in some areas (mostly edges), along with discolored rings left by items that at one time had been set on the lid. The instrument (at minimal) should be thoroughly cleaned.

At our original 2015 examination of the piano we suggested the following service could improve the instrument, in a situation in which rebuilding was not a current option:
  • Instrument Cleaning,
  • Hammer Resurfacing,
  • Bolstering Knuckles and Graphited,
  • Replacing Repetition Rail Button Felts,
  • Replacing Heel Felts,
  • Complete Regulation,
  • Tuning.
  • We feel this information is still pertinent to the piano's condition. The total we had quoted at the time was less than $ 2,000.00.

    Again, we do believe in our opinion, that if a buyer can overlook the obvious wear, age, and what damage it does have, they may find the instrument is completely capable of providing personal use for a number of years before committing to a rebuilding.


    The bridges are in very good condition.

    Sound Board

    The sound board has about 5 cracks. None are producing any tonal problems. Steinway themselves have run tests showing that cracks do not generally effect tone or volume.

    Generally speaking (as most piano technicians know) cracks themselves in a sound board are not a problem. A buzzing may result if the cracking causes a separation from the ribs. We did not notice any buzzing during our inspection.

    Pin Block

    We did find, what appeared to be some minor surface cracks in the pin block along with one slightly larger crack. None of these appeared to be causing any problems for the tuning pins. All tuning pins appeared to be well capable of keeping tension.

    If we had discovered any loose tuning pins we would recommend this piano as being fit only for rebuilding.

    Please see the photos below. We are available to answer inquiries and provide additional photos to interested parties. This instrument is on consignment to Parks & Sons Piano Service. Any offers will be forwarded to the piano's owners for a decision. We will make every effort to provide answers in a speedy manner.
    Photos of this Piano(Click Photos for Larger Versions) Photos Steinway & Sons Front Fallboard and Keys Left Side Lyre Leg with Trim View from Back Music Desk Lid (showing scratches and rings) Very Dusty with Smudges Serial Number Plate Stamp Keys and Action Pulled Forward Hammers Hammers Swung Forward - View of Whippens and Back Checks View From Top Down Damper Mechanisms Crest on Sound Board :: It might be notice Nickolas II is listed. This piano was made in 1917, the same year of the Bolshevik Revolution. Czar Nickolas and his family (including his daughter Anastasia) were kidnapped by the revolutionaries. The Pin Block. Notice the smaller surface cracks with the larger one further down. The inspection did not reveal any detectable effects on the pins.
    - Notices

    Free Delivery
    Unless stated otherwise, free delivery of piano is to first floor locations within 120 miles of Weston, ME. A location with a total of 3 steps or less, from gound level to location the piano will be placed, is considered "first floor". Locations that do not conform to this guideline may require an additional charge. Parks & Sons Piano Service, at their own discretion, may wave such extra fees.

    Warranties vary depending upon work completed for each instrument. If interested, please request a sample warranty.

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