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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.
Important Notice for 2021

State of Maine Locations Currently Closed For Business

Due to the economical conditions and other considerations, we at Parks & Sons Piano Service have decided it would be best to take a year long hiatus. During this time Parks & Sons Piano Service will be closed for business as we explore options for becoming more profitable.

The website will remain open and fully functional, but we will not be booking appointments for piano servicing during this time.

We would like all our customers to know how much we appreciate that they have allowed us to service their pianos.

We will update this notice as we progresses through this hiatus.

To be clear - at this time, we have not decided to permanently close the service.

Thank you very, very much -
            Parks & Sons

Our Pianos

Buying a piano on the private used piano market can be interesting to say the least. Hundreds of pianos, all in various conditions yet most listed as "just needs tuning".

Having routinely dealt with such pianos, Parks & Sons can confidently state that most of these instruments will need much more than "just a tuning".

When you purchase a piano through Parks & Sons Piano Service you can be assured that the instrument has been put into excellent shape and is ready for use. Unless listed otherwise, every piano receives a complete reconditioning and regulation. Some instruments for sale may include many other improvements such as refinishing and/or rebuilding.

We have recently introduced a multi-tiered method for purchasing certain instruments. This method allows certain instruments to be offered at various prices. Please see here for an explanation.

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Click an instrument below for a detailed view of the instrument. Hover the cursor over an instrument's row segment for general information pertaining to that column.
Thumbnail Piano Maker Year Made Form Factor Bench Delivery Tuning Warranty List Price Payment Plans
Story & Clark 1956 Spinet Includes bench Includes tuning Includes warranty
Wm. Knabe & Co. 1884 Upright Includes bench Includes delivery Includes tuning Includes warranty $ 10,000.00
Ivers & Ponds 1907 Baby Grand Includes bench Includes delivery Includes tuning Includes warranty $ 20,000.00
Steinway & Sons 1917 Medium Grand
Samick 1990 Baby Grand Includes bench Includes delivery Includes tuning
LeSage 1971 Console Includes bench Includes delivery Includes tuning Includes warranty
WurliTzer 1960 Spinet Includes bench Includes delivery Includes tuning Includes warranty

Parks & Sons Piano Service Multi-tier Sales Method:

We have recently introduced a multi-tiered purchasing system for certain instruments. We believe this method will make it easier for a buyer to find a great instrument that will provide their needs, while allowing them to stay within their budget.

The tier method works like this -

As our usual process - when we acquire an instrument it receives a full inspection and a list is compiled of the work needed to return the instrument to great shape.

Some pianos are designated to be rebuilt, not necessarily because that would be the only method to restore the piano to a playable state, but because the profit/cost ratio is believed to make it a worthwhile endeavor. Such pianos would make a great candidate for the multi-tiered method.

A piano listed with our multi-tiered system will have its highest prices listed on this page, but when a particular piano is viewed multiple prices will be displayed. Each price will be marked as "Plan A Price:", "Plan B Price:", etc., etc.. When viewing the "Piano Includes" section such an instrument will display the various plans and what will be included within that price plan. Again, in the "Work Schedule" area, the work that will be completed at that price plan is displayed.

It should be noted that Parks & Sons Piano will still consider reasonable offers for any particular price plan. A piano is elevated to high priority for work completion when purchased or reserved.

As a final note, pianos within this tier system are usually on the work path that results in a price at the highest tier listed - unless the piano is purchased or reserved beforehand. This means that as the instrument progresses through the levels, tier points that would no longer apply are dropped from the listing and the piano would no longer be available at that tier price plan.

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