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A digital piano will lose approximately 40% to 50% of all it's value within the first 5 years, in contrast to an acoustical piano which will only lose about 15% of it's value over 10 years.
Important Notice for 2021

Due to the economical conditions and other considerations, we at Parks & Sons Piano Service have decided it would be best to take a year long hiatus. During this time Parks & Sons Piano Service will be closed for business as we explore options for becoming more profitable.

The website will remain open and fully functional, but we will not be booking appointments for piano servicing during this time.

We would like all our customers to know how much we appreciate that they have allowed us to service their pianos.

We will update this notice as we progresses through this hiatus.

To be clear - at this time, we have not decided to permanently close the service.

Thank you very, very much -
            Parks & Sons
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    Handling of Sensitive Credit Card Data

    - Parks & Sons Piano Service processes credit cards through BrainTree™, a PayPal™ service. A great feature BrainTree™ provides is 'Hosted Fields'. This technology allows you to pay online without exposing your card information to anyone but the credit card processor. This means we never see your credit card's sensitive information. All sensitive credit card data is handled directly by the credit card processor. You are paying from our web site, but the technology ensures your sensitive credit card data will only be seen by the credit card processor. The credit card processor provides Parks & Sons access to only low-sensitivity data to enable us to provide help to our customers.

    - Communications between the visitor, Parks & Sons' server, and the credit card processor are secured through a secured server connection.

    Privacy of Data
    Handling of Non-sensitive Data

    - No high sensitive credit card data is seen, handled, or stored by Parks & Sons or our web site.

    - Non-sensitive / low-sensitive data is retained to enable us to work with our credit card processor and to better server our customers. All data is stored under high encryption, over a secure connection.

    - Parks & Sons does not sell your information to, nor share your information with third parties (other than the credit card processor which requires such information to securily process your payment).

    About This Form

    - To protect credit card holders, as well as Parks & Sons Piano Service, our form will only allow a user a certain number of attempts to make a payment. If a user exceeds the retry limit they will need to wait one hour before trying again. If you are having trouble completing a payment feel free to Contact Us, we will be happy to help.

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